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Wallas products are proudly imported from Finland and distributed across Canada by of Victoria, BC.
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Wallas Cottage Products


Wallas 40CC Cottage Heater

Safe, efficient Laminar burner.
5500-13,600 Btu, 600-850sq ft.​

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The Wallas space heater is a fully automated unit which can be installed with its outlet either into a chimney or through an external wall. The unit can be controlled via an on/off switch, a timer or a remote starting device using GSM-technology. maintaining the desired temperature is simple as the heaters are equipped with room thermostats and step less power adjustment. The heater burns with a clean, blue flame, and is, thanks to fully enclosed burner technology, smoke- and odour-free.

The diesel oil heater requires a 12 V power supply, for example from solar panels. If the cottage is equipped with 230 V electricity, you will need an auxiliary Wallas AC/DC power supply.

​There are two front plate alternatives: graphite grey and slightly brownish with pine silhouette.

Wallas 26CC Cottage Heater

Safe, efficient Laminar burner.
3000-8900 Btu, 400-650sq ft.

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