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Wallas products are proudly imported from Finland and distributed across Canada by of Victoria, BC.
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Wallas Marine Diesel and Paraffin Heaters, Cooktops and Ovens are made in Finland specifically for the Marine
​industry. Exceptionally quiet and reliable operation, excellent warranty and easy install are the trademark features of
​Wallas products.

Established in 1972, Wallas Marin Oy is a privately owned company. The company's product development and manufacturing facilities are located in Kaarina, Finland.

Wallas Marine Oy develops and manufactures safe, silent and reliable diesel and paraffin heaters and cooktop combination units for the marine and cottage industries.

Both their products and our operations are characterized by high quality. As for the products, quality is ensured  by reliable construction of even the smallest parts. All of their operations ranging from design to packaging are controlled by a quality system.

Specialist staff are an essential part of their products and high quality. The sales and service network covers the most important markets throughout the world.

In Canada, Wallas Marine products are imported, distributed and serviced by Trotac Marine Ltd. of Victoria BC Canada. For over 39 years Trotac Marine Ltd has provided quality heating products and knowledge to the West Coast of Canada.

Call us today to find a dealer near you, and discover the world of difference that a quality Wallas Marine heater or Cottage heater can make in the enjoyment of your boat or cottage.

Contact either Campbell or Lance in Victoria, BC  at 1-866-287-6822 Monday to Friday 830-500 Pacific Time, we look forward to hearing from you!

Why Wallas Marine Boat Heater?

  • 39 years of real world experience building boat heaters.
  • Wallas boat heaters are specifically designed and built as boat heaters, not adapted from another industry.
  • Wallas uses a Laminar burning process, very efficient and silent means a heater you can enjoy using.
  • Wallas Heaters are tested and reliable, Finland knows cold and how to keep warm on boats and on land!
  • Wallas Heaters and cooktops have the lowest current draw of all Marine Heaters!
  • Wallas is the ONLY manufacturer to offer a cooktop that is also a boat heater, two products in one!

Wallas uses Heat Rentention Laminar burner 
to produce Quiet Diesel Heat!